Fields and Directions


1.  Big Meadow
Big Meadow Soccer Fields
196 Stoneyford Road
Southampton, PA 18966

Field Map: Big Meadow Fields
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Fields are in the middle of the area, behind the baseball fields. 

2.  Churchville Elementary School
Churchville Elementary School
100 New Road
Churchville PA 18966
Field Map: Churchville Elementary School Fields

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The school is located off of New Road in Churchville between Route 232/ Second Street Pike and Bustleton Pike in Churchville.

Please note that Southampton and Churchville have the same 18966 zip code and that there is a New Road in Southampton between County Line Road and Street Road that Mapquest will direct you to if you type in 100 New Road Churchville. The New Road in Southampton is NOT the correct location. Please use the Google Map link below to 100 New Road Churchville PA 18966 and note that the google map link will have Southampton as the town because of the same zip code but the google map is correct.  

3.  Civic Center Fields  
Northampton Township Civic Center
451 Newtown Richboro Road
Richboro, PA 18954
Field Map:
Civic Center Field Map 
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Please do NOT park on any grass, the township police will ticket and tow cars!


4.  Council Rock North  
Council Rock North High School 
62 Swamp Road
Newtown PA 18940

          Field Map: CR North 
          CRUSA uses the JV Grass Field "W" and the stadium turf field "H"
          on the enclosed field map
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5.  Council Rock South
Council Rock High School South
2002 Rock Way
PA 18966
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CRSouth Field Map 

6.  Holland Elementary School 
Holland Elementary School
597 Beverly Road
Holland, PA 18966
The fields are behind the school.

Field Map: Holland Elementary School Fields
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7.  Municipal Park Fields
Municipal Park
Hatboro & Bristol Roads (MapQuest Address: 201 Hatboro Road Southampton PA 18966)
Churchville, PA 18966
Field Map: Municipal Park Fields 1,2,3
Field 4 Map near Maureen Welch Elementary

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8.  Newtown Elementary School   
Newtown Elementary School
1 Wrights Road

Newtown PA 18940 
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9. Newtown Middle School
Newtown Middle School
116 Richboro Newtown Road

Newtown PA 18940

Newtown Middle 2011 CRUSA Tournament Field Map
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(Field Address - Google Maps - 60 Green lane Newtown PA 18954)
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Please note that Newtown Middle School Fields are not available for CRUSA use every Sunday from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM.


10. Richboro Elementary School
125 Upper Holland Road
Richboro, PA 18954-1537
Field Map: Richboro Elementary School Fields 
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Richboro Middle and Elementary Schools are located across the street (diagonally) from one another. 


11. Richboro Middle School /Rolling Hills Elementary

98 Upper Holland Road

Richboro, PA 18954-1537
Field Map: Richboro Middle School Fields
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Richboro Middle and Elementary Schools are located across the street (diagonally) from one another.


12. Rolling Hills Elementary School - Closed for construction 2019/2020 School Year
Rolling Hills Elementary School
340 Middle Holland Road

Holland, PA 18966
Field Map: Rolling Hills Elementary School
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13. St Vincent DePaul Church
St Vincent DePaul Church
580 Hatboro Road
Richboro PA 18954
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(MapQuest Address: 580 Hatboro Road Southampton PA 18966)