Parking Rules

Parking rules for the Civic Center and other CRUSA fields

Due to revised field use at the Civic Center it is very important that ALL CRUSA members observe the following rules:  


1.   No group has exclusive rights to any area so, in the interest of safety for all of our children, please park in the proper parking lots. 


2.   Do not park along the side of the roads, on the grass, in a fire lane, or block any other vehicle at any time. 


3.   Do not park in areas marked "No Stopping" or "No Parking" as you will be subject to ticketing and possibly towing of your vehicle. 


4.   Obey posted speed limits and always be aware that children or soccer balls may suddenly enter the road at any time. 


5.   All pedestrians have the "Right of way" under state law.  


6.   Always be aware that children are being dropped off or picked up from practices and they might not look when they enter or exit their vehicles. 


7.   If your child’s team trains on the back fields or in the basin then use the back parking lot since it’s generally easier to enter and exit from that lot.


Thank you for your cooperation!