What's the difference between training and Practice?

Across the country teams practice every week. Athletes that want to take their game to the next level train. The distinction is important to understand. Practices are an essential part of team development. Players learn how to work with each other, learn concepts and styles of play their coaches and clubs are asking of them. Having said that, practice is not where players become great. Greatness comes by finding a way to work on your individual technical functional development on your off days. Training.

Our coaching staff works tirelessly at helping our athletes to reach the next level. We understand the immense confusion out there when it comes to supplemental training. How confusing it can all be with individuals and companies offering camps, skills and drills. It’s difficult to know who to trust. We hear it from families everyday - “What can I do to work on my game?” 

We want to help cut through the noise and share programs that we feel can help. Share with you things that some of our coaches are involved with. Help you to take charge of your own development. Help you train.

See the programs below and check back for updates...