About the CRUSA Academy Program


  • 4v4 plus Goalkeeper; 5v5

  • Score is not kept

  • Creative play, improvisation and scoring are the main objectives

  • Competition against neighboring clubs keeps it competitive but local

  • Simulates “Street Soccer” in a safe environment

What Children can expect from the Parents:

While the fun and friendly atmosphere created by Small-Sided soccer should keep any negative instances to a minimum, there may be situations which arise where comments and abuse from adults, parents and managers is made from the sideline. Please stay calm, do not get into a disagreement, and realize YOU are the player’s most recognizable role model.

Keep it light, positive and fun and your child will get the most from this opportunity.

Fundamental Rules of the Game

  1. No offsides 
  2. No punting 
  3. Goalkeepers in a different color 
  4. No throw-ins, kick-ins only 
  5. Give 2 yds space for kick-ins, kick-ins are indirect 
  6. 15 minute game, running time, no half-time 
  7. Substitution at any stoppage 
  8. No scores are kept