Uniform Fitting Day Wednesday 5/24

5pm-8pm, per age group schedule, Municipal Park

Angelo's Soccer Corner will run a Uniform Fitting Day and Sale Tent Wednesday 5/24, at Municipal Park. Clothing items are not provided, but must be purchased by the players.  Returning players do not have to re-purchase the uniform, soccer bag,  or training jersey if already purchased last season.  However ALL FC BUCKS PLAYERS MUST PURCHASE the Adidas Training Jacket and Pants which is new for Fall 2017-2018.

The recommended schedule by age group is:

You will receive a link to the online uniform store, and ORDERS ARE DUE BY JUNE 4th.

There will be a Fitting Day at Deep Run, on June 1st, 5:30-7:30p, for players closer to that location.

FC Bucks Program Expansion

Important Changes - Formation of 2nd Girls Teams

The Council Rock United Soccer Association Board of Directors has begun a restructuring of our FC Bucks Program to deal with changes in the age at which players begin 11v11 play and keep in step with changes in the soccer world resulting from the creation of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL).  In keeping with these timely adjustments, the Board has authorized the establishment of additional FC Bucks Premier girls’ teams in the soccer ages U14-U18 (Fall 2012 soccer year of play) coinciding with the same ages that compete in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL).

The formation of an additional FC Bucks girls team in a given age group between U14-U18 begins with the current established FC Bucks coach recognizing a quality group of players worthy of forming an additional FC Bucks team in the age group and recommending the establishment of a team to the CRUSA/FC Bucks coaching directors, who in turn will present the proposal to the CRUSA Board of Directors for approval of the team.

The purpose of allowing for the possibility of additional FC Bucks girls’ teams is in line with the club’s goal of offering a level of play for all of our community members and in this case, by creating the best environment and opportunities for the development of our premier level youth soccer players to prepare them to excel in high school and college.

For more information, please contact Dan Mannella at coachingdirector@crusa.net.