Tournament Check in Via Got Soccer

Online Registration for All Teams

Online registration via Got Soccer is being made available this year to all teams participating in the tournament. There will be no walk up registration.  Everything will be completed online, through Got Soccer.

Electronic Registration:

Teams will need to upload the following items into their Got Soccer account NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, July 30th

Please email a PDF file of the following:

1 - a copy of your roster, with any guest players written on the bottom and any players NOT PLAYING crossed off.  If you do not yet have your approved roster for 2019, please send an unapproved copy or type your player’s names and birth dates into an excel spreadsheet and send that over as your roster.  Or we can view a copy of last year's roster, updated by hand with this year's players listed and players no longer on the team, crossed off.

2 - a copy of player pass or birth certificate for every player - including guests.  We will accept last year's passes if you have not received this year's passes yet.  We need some type of proof of birth for every player.

3 - a signed copy of the COACHES STATEMENT.  Please follow the link and include when you send your other registration items.

We do NOT need to see your medical release forms, but coaches should have them on hand on tournament weekend.

Please send your file in PDF FORMAT.  Your subject line should be in the following format:


If you have questions, please email Jill at