New Travel Teams

To Build New Travel Roster and Obtain Passes

IF YOU ARE A NEW TEAM FOR SPRING 2020 (do not have travel passes from a fall league), you will need to create a team in your club's Stack Sport system. Add your players and head coach. Include a photo for each player and coach and a birth certificate for each player.  Be sure to select Rock Spring League when you register for the league.  Please email when you are finished.  We will approve your roster, print your passes, and collect payment before the first games, so your team can be properly carded.  If you are struggling, please reach out to Jill for assistance - 267-988-4131.

New teams forming in our spring league are limited to 12 Players for U9 and U10, 16 players for U11 and U12 and 22 players for U13 and older (only 18 may dress per game).  EPYSA Teams adding intramural players as guest players for spring play must add players to their current roster through their current fall league.  The ROCK SPRING LEAGUE cannot make any changes to your current EPYSA State roster.

Only new team Rock League rosters will require a $39.00 insurance fee.  Cost per pass for new teams is $15 each for players and coaches.

All existing travel teams should submit their roster as is. All existing teams U13 and older may have seven (7) guest players during the spring season. Only 18 players may dress for each game. U9 thru U12 may have (5) guest players during the spring season and dress 12 for each game for U9 and U10 and 16 per game for U11 and U12. All Guest players MUST have a current USYS player’s pass. Guest Players must have their Pass at the field to play.