Score Reporting

Winner of the game should input the score, if the game is tie, home team should input.

Step 1: Follow this link

Step 2: Enter the Pin # and Game #

     PIN # - 3778
     GAME # - Found on the far left side of your game schedule.
Step 3: 
Your game will pop up after you put the above info in. Click "CONFIRM"
Step 4: 
The next screen allows you to enter your game score.  Click Submit
This will post the score on the website in real time.

We will ask the WINNER of the game to input the score, although both teams can input if they like.  If the game is a TIE, the home team should put in the score.  If a few days go by and you do not see the score entered, it's fine for you to enter if, even if you did not win the game.  It's great to get the scores in so we have the info as complete as possible, so keep those up to date as best you can.